What if applications could be better? What if every app was built with the love and thoughtfulness that was put into the design of the iPhone itself?

Here at caffeinated we strive to constantly raise the bar for application development and we hope that our customers appreciate the love and attention we give to every app we produce.

RocketPack for iPhone


Rocketpack is an exciting accelerometer controlled flying game for iOS that send you on an adventure through various worlds and levels.

noteless for iPhone and iPad


Noteless is an elegant note-taking application for iOS that combines a beautiful minimalist interface with powerful features like cloud sync and full-text search. Noteless raises the bar for note applications and proves that sometimes, less is more.

Calories Pro for iPhone

Calories Pro

With Calories Pro you can determine exactly how many calories you need to eat to gain, maintain or lose weight. Simply enter some basic information about yourself such as Age, Height, Weight and Daily activity and CalCal will tell you how many calories you need to consume to reach your goal.

Schooler for iPhone


When you're looking for a new place to live in Los Angeles, and you have kids, finding a place near good schools is important. With Schooler, you can check your current location or enter an address to see which schools are in your zone.